L-Launcher Support Thread

As you know, I am developing a launcher for everyone for free. I do not require any payment and do not set a price for the application, do not add ads to the launcher. Everything to make my application pleasant to use. The development of a rather multifunctional and complex application requires a lot of effort and time, which, unfortunately, is not always enough. Based on this, I want to ask you to support my project financially, if you wish. At the moment, a new, optimized version of the application is being actively developed. You can support me using

  • Launcher Donation
  • MasterCard 5599005054870899
  • YandexModey Wallet 4100110127708181
    Thanks for your attention.


The launcher was written by me from scratch to improve the user experience of using smart watches based on android.
The project is completely free, as a creator I forbid to sell it or publish it in the play market. Any attempts to sell, decompile or modify software will force me to roll out publications for the public. Project source codes are private and will not be published.

Latest version: Beta 1.0.3 - Download
Support Android version: 5.1 - 10
Support Mode: Square, Round
Arch: ARM/ARM64
Supported resolution: 240x240, 320x320, 360x360, 400x400, 454x454, 640x640 up to FHD

For more answers and requests go down below.


What Launcher @LineR?




  • Support all types of skin (except animated array)
  • Support download skin directly from launcher usin intenet
  • Support custom skins load from sdcard
  • NEW! Support animated gif as skin background
  • Support arraytype 100 (Skins with touch feature)

screenshot_21.02.2020_ 1.04.19screenshot_21.02.2020_ 1.05.46

  • AOD. Three diferent types of always-on-display
  • Automatic daily pulse measurements (not need manualy measure pulse, service do it self)
  • Pedometer service (from system), if device dont have pedometer launcher uses program sensor
  • Weather service to receive weather data for your skins
  • Lock screen service with graph lock pattern


  • 5 diferent color themes for launcher (Orange, Blue, Red, Green, Gray)
    screenshot_21.02.2020_ 1.01.01
  • 3 diferent app menu styles “List” - WearOS style, “Grid” - simple grid list, “Bubbles” - Apple watch style
    screenshot_21.02.2020_ 1.01.40 screenshot_21.02.2020_ 1.02.28 screenshot_21.02.2020_ 1.03.23


  • Raise-to-Wake gesture. Just look at watch and it turns on automaticly
  • Double tap on watchface to lock watch
    screenshot_21.02.2020_ 1.08.15


  • Low-power mode allow watch use only 1 core at minimal frequency (REQUIRE ROOT),
    reduce watchface draw, kill background apps
    For example your watch have 4 cores at 1.3 Ghz, low-power mode disable 3 cores, and allow work only one on 600 Mhz. This funcrion dont work properly without ROOT.


  • Calculate your fitness data like steps, distance, calories and store it to one screen for analize. You can setup your daily targets and watch can calculate it. When you rich your target, launcher can notify you about it. For correct calculating distance, calories you NEED correctly setup your fitness data. Launcher uses mathematical functions according your weight, height and age.
    screenshot_21.02.2020_ 1.15.25 screenshot_21.02.2020_ 1.15.37 screenshot_21.02.2020_ 1.15.49 screenshot_21.02.2020_ 1.16.02
  • Pulsometer can use also manualy, you can measure your pulse without using service
    screenshot_21.02.2020_ 1.19.37

Quick settings

  • Beatufil and simple toggles allow you control your watch without entering to settings
  • Long press on toggle goes directly to settings (Long press on WiFi toggle goes to WiFi settings for example)
  • Two useful sliders. One for brigthtnes, one for device volume
  • Battery and other icon status
  • Date and time
  • Music controll screen allow you to switch music or toggle it.
    screenshot_21.02.2020_ 1.24.15 screenshot_21.02.2020_ 1.24.24

And much much more! Just try it, its free and ready to download.

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We have some technical problems atm. YouTube links are not working.

https://www. youtube.com/watch?v=j71QHi9nbXw&feature=youtu.be

Should work on this way…

I do not speak Russian. A download link would be necessary to form an opinion.

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Few photos for preview


Great work! Looks like a lot of work went into this. Rectangular and Square support in future plans? Clockskin watches supported?

Interesting, any link for details ?

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Its own project. For some features need to be installed to system/priv-app/ Project on Github closed. When it will be more stable i upload apk to public


Support. It no sensivity when user uses square or rect mode. But for this feature need modify framework (or put special flag to manifest)

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Any link with Serenity OS ?

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Cool! Hope to test it soon :slight_smile:

wow! great work :slight_smile: looking forward to test it. If possible please add dark mode in the launcher, will be excellent for amoled screens:)

Dark mode youtu.be/Tcd_5GePVdc

woah!! Thats amazing…literally can’t wait to test :):sweat_smile:

Tested the early version from advance_update4.zip. But my russian is very bad. If translator needed for Dutch I can help you.
Please check notifications. For example with OsmAnd and a route it doesn’t show. Just like the original com.mediatek.watchapp :wink:

Not like watchapp. Its complete diferent launcher. But logic for navigation is same (i think its most user friendly). I work for translations. (Now support russian and english). New video youtube.com/watch?v=ARtVcrXPJXk . (Yes i use free bandicam :D)